Monte Pascoal Praia Hotel Salvador Sustainability Actions

  • 100% raindrops recycling.
  • Rooms furniture (closets, benches, headboards) with reforested MDF wood.
  • During check-in at Monte Pascoal the guests are handed a Tree Seed for them to plant in their hometown and thus neutralize the carbon emissions generated during their stay.
  • We have replaced incandescent lamps for fluorescent and led ones, which in turn have a much greater life span and save up to 60% more energy.

  • We have switched our hotel's air conditioning central for an Inverter model, which can save up to 40% more energy.
  • We seek to stimulate local commerce, products bought there spend much less transportation energy.
  • Personnel training and formation is aimed towards sustainable best practises.
  • We encourage guests to make use of sustainable practises such as towel and bedlinen reuse.